Recreation Subsidy


Council recognizes that financial assistance to residents will encourage their participation in a wide variety of sports. Council further realizes that the appropriation of funds for program subsidization is a worthy endeavor, if it assists in overcoming financial barriers in a particular program.

It is for these reasons that the Brackley Community Council establishes the following guidelines for administering the recreational subsidy program:

  1. Subsidies will not be paid to residents if said program, or type of program is offered by the Community of Brackley.
  2. Only residents, as defined by the Municipalities Act and who have permanently resided in the community for the past 10 months, are eligible for program subsidies.
  3. Only those residents, who are seventeen (17) years of age or younger will be eligible for a subsidy.
  4. Programs eligible for subsidy are only those sports recognized as Member Organizations of Sport P.E.I.
  5. Membership fees to such private organizations such as the West Royalty Fitness Centre, Atlantic Fitness Centre, APM Centre, golf courses, etc. are not eligible for subsidies.
  6. Maximum subsidy will be $150.00 dollars per child per year or 50% of the registration fee, whichever is the lesser of the two, to a maximum of $300.00 per family, for that fiscal year.
  7. Application for subsidy must be accompanied by an itemized official receipt before it can be processed.
  8. Application for subsidy must be made during the fiscal year that the program was offered (April 1st-March 31st).
  9. Brackley Community Council reserves the right to reject any subsidy application.
  10. All applications for subsidy will be processed at the monthly Council Meetings as part of regular business.